Sunday, May 18, 2014

Leo Turns Four

My beautiful baby boy turned four.  The night before his big day he had some worries - see video below - but by the time morning rolled around, he was ready to celebrate.  jb and I filled his room with balloons and hung streamers in his doorway, which he was as delighted about as I'd hoped.  We also decorated the kitchen and put out his present for him (a Lego Junior Batman set).  He couldn't wait to open his present and got right to work building the batcave and batmobile.  He was even reasonably patient with Zoe who wanted to "help" him.  They played while I served them their green smoothie appetizer - the precursor to the birthday boy's choice breakfast...

The scene we set the night before

Leo requested pancakes with whipped cream for his birthday breakfast (as is now tradition).  We invited a couple close friends to join us for breakfast and birthday fun. The plan initially had been to go to the Please Touch Museum, but upon seeing the pouring rain Leo had a better idea: Play in the mud!

Batman Lego set joy

So the kids (and the two parents...) went out into the rain and splashed in puddles and made mudpies until they were soaked to the bone.  Once back inside, we stripped off the muddy clothes, wiped hands and faces, put on some cozy sweat pants and eased the chill with some kid cappuccinos (warm, frothed milk with cinnamon).

Muddy Sister

Frolicking in the Rain

Then it was back to building the Lego set for the big kids while the younger siblings went down for a nap.  The day was really low key and simple, but I think it was exactly what Leo wanted.  When we had discussed birthday activity options he seemed to get a little overwhelmed - having a friend over to play turned out to be the perfect thing.  

In the afternoon, when it was time to say goodbye to his friend, a surprise visitor arrived - Aunt Fanny!  Soon after, dad arrived home - in time for dinner, which because of the pre-election workload is a big deal these days!  We all walked over to Leo's favorite restaurant, Saad's, and ordered dinner to bring home.   We feasted on hummus, grape leaves, and lamb maroosh.  After dinner we lit candles and sang Happy Birthday before enjoying Rice Krispie treats - Leo's first time trying this particular dessert.  It was kind of a gamble trying to replace cake for a birthday celebration, but it went over better than expected.  

By that time Leo was exhausted.  He had asked to go on a night time walk with a flashlight as part of his birthday - but even he knew he was way too tired for it.  So we saved that adventure for another night.  

Walking with Aunt Fanny

The next day we hung out with Aunt Fanny, went to the playground, met Uncle Jared and Aunt Mallory for lunch and held his birthday interview, which I hope to upload tomorrow.  Leo was happy, I was happy, Zoe was happy (except for the balloons, which apparently she is TERRIFIED of), and I think everyone else who celebrated with us enjoyed themselves.  We will be having a joint party for the kids at the end of the month when we are at my parents' home in Pittsburgh - but until then, I think this milestone has been thoroughly celebrated.  Happy Birthday, big boy!

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