Monday, September 14, 2015

Kindergarten Countdown

There is so much I want to write - I can't believe I haven't even done a recap of this year's Mexico trip - but the truth is my head is dominated by the fact that Leo starts kindergarten in TWO days. So many feelings...for everyone in the family.

Leo getting comfortable in his classroom

Leo is feeling both excited and nervous, though since meeting his teacher last week, excited has trumped nervous most days. We got a bunch of kindergarten/school books out of the library (oh, and Leo got his own library card!) to prepare. I actually teared up while reading these books to him...I am not sure I will be able to hold it together on the first day.

He's got a backpack, folders, new shoes, a lunch box and a burning desire to learn as much as he can. I'd say he's ready. He knows a few kids in his class already from around the neighborhood and is looking forward to playing and learning with them. He even started a journal - which he enjoys, but also finds exhausting. I can totally relate.

I'm less ready...but ready or not, Kindergarten starts on Thursday. We are really optimistic about this milestone. I think he will do great. Though I am anticipating a transition period...for all of us. Zoe hasn't been apart from her brother for more than a couple hours sporadically. Though I think it will be good for them to have some time to grow on their own, they have been two peas in a pod for three plus years and will miss each other greatly. Let's not even get started on how much I will miss him.

Sigh. It will be wonderful...I know it will...but like so many wonderful things, it will also be hard. Wish us all luck this week.

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